The Joust

Jousting has a wide appeal due to fast action and excitement, and makes a great indoor and outdoor activity. Two contestants stand on turrets, face to face, then they joust with special padded feudal sticks until the winning gladiator knocks his or her opponent from their turret.

Jousting is a real fun activity, and easy to assemble at any venue.

Using an inflatable mat with two podiums in the middle, there are two contestants at a time each with a pugil stick & on the count of three its all out war! This activity is a giggle and works well in a multi activity day program, birthday parties and of course during a residential visit.

Also we have the Slippery pole! Probably the funniest form of pillow fighting ever! It doesn’t matter how big you are if you loose your balance your off, this is where the kids get there own back on the adults! Winner stays on!

The Joust

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