Thanks to everyone that attended the Open Day!

The Live the Adventure Open Day was a massive success with over 300 people attending throughout the day.  Thank you to everyone that came – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  We raised over £250 for the Riding for the Disabled Association.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any more information about the activities on offer.


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Nepal Appeal Charity – November 2016 Volunteers Trip

The November 2016 trip will visit previous projects and also spend time at the 3rd school helping to complete it before handing it over to the local community.  The week will be based at a stunning riverside resort with permanent camp style accommodation close to the school project sites. From here we will go out each day accompanied by Charity volunteers to work with the local community, families and children directly helping them. Whether you are a skilled laborer, just happy to use a paintbrush or want to work with the school children themselves, the rewards for the time spent in the community will provide life long memories and a bond with a nation of such welcoming people.

This first week is non-profit making and utilises the funds already supplied by the charity to develop and assist the communities we will be staying in.

Having covered the cost of flying to Nepal it would be crazy not to get to know this stunning Himalayan country a little more and experience some of the highlights Nepal has to offer. During the second week of this trip, the Live The Adventure team is offering you the opportunity to accompany their experienced guides across to the Annurpurna region.

For full trip details please visit our Worldwide Travel Website here

For full Nepal Appeal Charity News and Projects please visit the Nepal Appeal Website here

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Launched

Come and join us to experience the thrills of the fastest growing water sport around the globe! Stand up paddle boarding takes the art of paddling and surfing to produce a unique sport, relaxing pastime or a great fitness experience.  Sample our river trips or introductory lake sessions – a fantastic way to unwind!

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First in country guide training programme in Bhutan

The First river guide training programme run in Bhutan is under way with 12 local students all working to gain there ‘International River Guide Certification’ (IRGT), Rescue 3 International ‘White water Rescue Technician’ certification and their CPR and basic first aid certification.

Joint IRGT course directors Gerry Moffatt and myself have joined together on the request of the operators in Bhutan and the Tourism Council of Bhutan to start what we hope to be the structure of the future river industry in Bhutan. With us to assist is another river expert Pat O Keefe, with the 3 of us forming one of the strongest training teams in the industry.

To read the full post please click here

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Nepal Appeal Ball success and over £11,000 in one night!

Outstanding result of our summer ball on Friday with over £11,000 raised for the Charity in one night as a result of such amazing support.

After weeks of planning, the evening was a great success and from the feedback of those that went – a fantastic evening had by all. The rain stopped and allowed us to have reception drinks on the terrace as everyone mingled and enjoyed the stunning venue at Spring grove House, at Bewdley Safari Park. Before the evening meal commenced I did I short presentation on the Charity work and the Nepal Appeal, showing footage from recent visits after the disaster and illustrating homes and schools the appeal is funding.

Read the full post on our Blog site here

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£25,000 target reached – lets keep it going!

An amazing total has been raised to date and we are so excited to be able to announce that we have now reached the initial target of £25,000 2 months early.  Lets keep it going!


An amazing total has been raised to date and we are so excited to be able to announce that we have now reached our initial target of £25,000 before our target date! Thank you to you all! We set the target as an amount that we thought we could achieve by the end of September and that would really make a difference to a community and district most affected by the earthquake, but will will not be stopping there. Our fund raising will go on! The Charity was set up as a result of the earthquake with the realisation that long term support would be required well into the future, and thats what we will continue to do.

As we carry on our everyday lives back here in the UK the plight of those affected by the Earthquake in Nepal is very much current and real. Whilst the UK media has forgotten the 10,000 + that died and the much higher number left homeless, its great to see that many of you are still so supportive, and our fund raising efforts will continue to help those directly affected by the disaster.

We haven’t posted a blog for a while but that doesn’t mean we’re not active. On the contrary, The ‘Nepal Appeal’ has been busy over the last few weeks preparing for the biggest two fund raising events of the year, our Summer Ball and charity auction on the 21st August and ‘The Hop’ music festival on the 27th September. Its not just us thats been busy either, there has been such amazing ongoing support and fund-raising from many of you too.

Jenny Scott raised over £410 for the Appeal from her Yoga classes (and more planned in the future), we’ve had people doing the 3 peaks challenge, and yesterday many locals attending a Clay pigeon shoot with donations going to the Appeal. St Helens School did a non uniform day, we’ve had people swim lake windermere, potter street academy did a sponsored run……….and the list goes on. These are just a sample of the great support you have given.

Our new ‘just giving’ site is live and many of you have donated or are doing fund raising events…and can list them on this site its great to see what everyone is doing and is does not go unnoticed – thank you .

You may also have seen the recent Facebook post highlighting Mandy Clee who on the 15th August jumps from 10,000 feet to parachute for the charity. (please visit the Facebook page or Appeal website to sponsor her jump).

We have so far funded the home of Mr. Kul Bahadur Magar and his family (101 years old), have funded 5 remote homes for the families hardest hit in the Mangha area, and work has just started to rebuild the school at Kodari. We will be posting photos of this work very soon as we identify other projects to fund and support over the coming weeks.

Ant visiting Kodari school following the earthquake

I am in contact with friends and colleagues in Nepal regularly that are doing an amazing job of rebuilding lives in this very hard time during Monsoon, and they are all so appreciative of the continued support now and into the future. I will be taking a detour on route to Bhutan in a few weeks to go to Nepal and check on all of the projects we are funding. We are hoping to run the first trip for volunteers to be involved with in October, so keep an eye on the website for all the events into the future.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you at the Summer Ball on the 21st where there are some amazing donations to auction and win,…..flying lessons, BMW for a weekend, signed memorabilia and much more, with live music and 3 course dinner. There are still a few tickets left if you want to join us – get in touch!

Lets set a new target and keep the support going – it really is appreciated by those families and individuals that suffered as a result of the Earthquake.

Thanks again for for the overwhelming support and effort – Truly amazing!



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Over 18,000 raised and the Appeals first home completed

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks since we started the appeal including setting up the charity, my visit out to Nepal, our first fund raising events and as of today the first completed home rebuilt.

The fund raising events kicked off with a pub quiz raising over £1400, followed by the open day (£2200), pedal for Nepal (£4250), and last weekend our paintball tournament (£1350). In addition to this the donations have come flooding in from many of you from individuals and business’s. Cake sales, sponsored walks and many schools all involved to help fund raising efforts.  To read more please click here


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The Nepal Appeals first project

I arrived in Nepal apprehensive of what I would find and even though I thought I had mentally prepared myself, it was not enough. The scale of devastation is immense and the work to recover will be long term. Every person I met has been affected in some way or another, either through loss of home and work, or worse still, injury or loosing a loved one. PLEASE READ FULL BLOG POST HERE

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Nepal Appeal – Registered Charity Status

hings are moving very quickly with the Nepal Appeal and the support both financially and from the public has been overwhelming.

The ‘Nepal Appeal’ was started the day after the first Earthquake in Nepal as a result of the devastation that it caused. Knowing the country very well after 25 years of time there and having both Nepalese friends and colleagues affected as a result of this disaster, led to the immediate realisation that Nepal was going to need assistance, now and well into the future, to rebuild the communities that have been so badly affected. The appeal was also set up as a result of so many of you asking us how you could help support the people of Nepal in some way. PLEASE READ FULL BLOG POST HERE.

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Touch down Nepal, Emotional to say the least

Flying from Bhutan to Nepal over the roof of the world, the Himalayan summits penetrated the clouds and all seemed idyllic. This is the complete contrast to what actually lies hidden below as I touched down in Kathmandu.

My first impressions as we came in to land were surprisingly positive at first, no mass destruction obvious from the plane, but then I spotted the mosaic of colored tarpaulins filling every spare bit of open space below, scattered throughout the capital. As the plane taxied to the terminal I could also see military planes loading to depart. The first response teams have done their jobs and have started to depart whilst the aid teams are still on the ground working throughout Nepal. Equally the press seems to have departed as well!

On the ground it was a little more subdued then the vibrancy that I’m used to, but in a weird way driving through the city to the hotel, it did seem the same old Nepal I love and it feels right for me to be here at this time.
At the hotel I was joined by a friend of 25 years, Gerry Moffatt, who has also been here to see for him self the effects of the disaster. Unexpectantly during a catch up over breakfast the windows shook, deep rumbling surrounded us and everyone in the room looked more than a little worried, expecting the worse, only to find out it was one of the many low flying military helicopters passing over the city. By the reaction in the room it was immediately evident that everyone is living in permanent fear of more to come. There have been over 100 tremors and aftershocks since the first quake, with the latest one yesterday.

Every one uses stairs and not the lifts and carrying passports at all times seem to be the general rules!P1010563 (3)

This afternoon I ventured into the older area of Kathmandu, ‘Bhaktapur’ famous for its old temples and religious sites. It was hard to walk around without sharing there loss at the destruction of these 12th century structures all tightly squeezed into one area, with many totally gone and others propped up full of cracks. Speaking to local’s in the area they estimated 1500 + have died as a result of the destruction just in this part of the city and now many of the buildings still standing will need demolishing and are presently unsafe. Many were out clearing rubble with their hands and families sifting through debris for remnants of their home.

There seems to be a lot of movement of people as a result of the earthquake. Many have left Kathmandu for the safety of villages unaffected by the earthquake, scared of the risk of further shocks and already damaged properties. I have also seen those that have fled their rural villages where homes were flattened, to find shelter in the capital, even if it is only a tarp over their head. – It’s the safer option.

Gerry and I met up with a friend Mahendra Thapa, which was more of a reunion for the 3 of us as we were once partners in a resort about 2 hours North East of Kathmandu at Sukute. This area and district called Sindhupalchok is one of the areas worst hit with an estimated 60000 of the 65000 homes flattened to the ground and still many without shelter and the onset of the monsoon season fast approaching. Mahendra is helping manage the international teams on the ground to ensure help is distributed to those most in need and doing a fantastic job.

After checking a few friends are OK around Kathmandu tomorrow, I’m heading up to the Sindhupalchok area to see for myself.

I have been warned it looks like a war zone and has been completely flattened, but this is an area where I have worked, lived in their communities, built schools, trained guides and made many friends. This is the reason I came. To show these communities that the help has not gone, but is here for the long-term redevelopment of communities such as these.

The ‘Nepal Appeal’ now has its own dedicated website with all the fund raising events and details of our total target of £25,000. I will be posting daily updates on the ‘news’ tab on the site from Nepal whilst I am here and we will be adding details of the projects that the appeal will support. The ‘Nepal Appeal’ is in the process of becoming a registered UK charity with the Charity commission and operates a charity bank account administered by a board of trustees. This ensures all proceeds raised will then go directly to projects on the ground in Nepal and the communities that need our help.

P1010554 (3)


As my first day comes to and end in Nepal I get a call from friends whose office I partner in Kathmandu who have left the city for the safety of their home village. There office is unsafe and they fear being in their own home with the obvious risk of more after shocks. With one of them in plaster with a broken leg and restricted ability to react – the risk is too high. Their desperation for an end to these tragic events and the thoughts of such a massive recovery can be heard in their voices, and you can’t help but get a little emotional!

‘Help Us help Nepal’ –

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Appeal Update

Thank you to all of you that have donated and for the support offered both with events we are running here in the UK to raise money and with any projects we can support in Nepal.

You will have seen shocking pictures and footage of the events that are still unfolding as a result of the Earthquake, and we will continue to see more as the remote areas of Nepal are yet to be reached by rescue teams and the real extend of this disaster is yet to be realised.

Our appeal is a result of your desire to support and a public response to support the people that make Nepal so special. For me it is also a very personal appeal.

Nearly 25 years ago I visited an area of Nepal and came across an area that became one of my favorite places on the planet. I spent many a season working and guiding out there, training local staff and supporting local businesses. Many of my staff volunteered time in Nepal working with the local guides and we welcomed local guides to come and join us in the UK. My family lived there and their family with us.

More recently some of you were involved with me in a project lasting 2 years to support a rural school. Working with the community we repaired old classrooms and built new ones, supplied teaching material and sports equipment, and whilst some built and painted, others taught the school children and the community around it.

To read the rest of the blog please click here

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