Classic Paintball

If you’re looking for an adrenalin rush then Trigger Happy Paintball is the one for you! Paintball games are action packed and run at a fast pace, you can be dynamic, sprinting and diving for cover, or you can be stealthy and pick people off from a distance. Arena based games using the latest Tippman F12 & 98 guns! Missions such as Team Death Match, Base raid, Capture the Flag, Duel, VIP, Medic, Domination and more.

£350.00 for up to 10 people (£35 per person over 10 participants) for 500 balls per person. 2-3 hr session depending on how trigger happy your group are!
£6.00 per hundred for extra balls
£3.50 for smoke granades

We have 30 spaces available on our Paintball Warriors Package which can be made up of multiple parties.

What's included:
Drinks throughout the session
500 paintballs per person
Camoflauge coveralls
CO2 refills
Expert tuition and use of equipment

Timings - You will be able to book the following slots based on availability:
AM Arrive at the centre at 09:45hrs to start activity programme at 10:00hrs until 12:00hrs
PM Arrive at the centre at 13:45hrs to start activity programme at 14:00hrs until 16:00hrs
Full Day 10am—4pm  choosing 2 of the options

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Classic Paintball
Classic Paintball
Classic Paintball